Campaign of Doooooooom

Synopsis thus far

The Resumptioning

The adventure started with the party in the city of Overlook where you came searching for work after hearing about the the council in Overlook putting out a general call for adventurers to help deal with a mounting orc horde to the west of the mountains specifically the city is worried that Bordin’s Watch, a large dwarf run fortress that sits in the pass leading to Overlook, might fall to the orc horde. You spent a couple of days in Overlook before going to the council, this gave you a chance to meet some of the other adventuring parties that have answered the call. You a budding friendship emerges with one of the parties – The Freeriders. When you finally make your way to the council you find the Freeriders there along with another adventuring party the Farstriders.

After an impassioned speech from the elder councilman Cadrick you volunteer to goto the Monastery of the Sundered Chain to ensure that the tunnels below the monastery were sealed and free of orc. Upon your arrival at the monastery you found that it was already overrun with orcs. The only survivor was a dwarf Paladin name Kalad who sealed the tunnels leading into the monastery. Having cleaned the monastery of orcs Kalad insisted that you head to the Vents to check on the Farstriders who were tasked with sealing the tunnels there.

The trip to the Vents was largely uneventful. Upon arriving and investigating the first couple chambers in the ancient dwarven complex you found the remains of Jen the leader of the Farstriders clutching a stone. You found the rest of the Farstriders being devoured by a rather large cave troll in what used to be a temple to Moradin.

The orcs that you’ve faced in both the monastery and the Vents seem abnormally well equipped and disciplined. Some of you believe that there may be a larger conspiracy afoot. They alos speak of one named Tusk who has been the leader of the orc attacks. Kalad speaks of Tusk as being a chieftain of a small band of orc who would hardly have the resources, experience or strength to mobilize a force of this size.

After the incident in the tunnels and the subsequent adventures through the city searching for a mysterious figure named Mordra you met a half-elf name Reniss who was also searching for Mordra. You combined the information that you both had gathered about the mysterious Mordra which led you to the small poorhouse “The Happy Beggar” where you met a old sickly man who gave the following advice:
“I know the one you mean. A dark creeper, and none as dark as him, or so I’ve heard. Time was, he used the Happy Beggar as a meeting place, but I’d reckon he hasn’t been seen here in two years or more. I ran him off one time myself. I might not look it, but I fought dark creepers in the mountains as a younger man, sellsword to a dozen lords. Much as yourselves, I’d wager. Adventurers all have a price, eh? Wherever you find this Modra, heed me. He’s a black-hearted one—make no mistake and strike no bargains with him. Kill him quickly before he gets the chance to return the favor.”

I believe that we left off with Kyphen making his way down the stair into the basement and the rest of the party fraternizing with one of the nubile volunteers.




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