Campaign of Doooooooom

Our Story Begins...

Our saga begins in the Happy Beggar where the brave adventurers finish speaking with a wise yet crazy old man.

Steely-eyed Kyfen made his was down into the dark, damp cellar followed closely by the noble warlock Bjorn. Their cautious searching of the cellar led them to a pile of rubble of what looked like a cave in. The highly perceptive monk however observed that the stones were perhaps a little too well arranged. Before anyone could really deliberate the fearless paladin stepped in and swiftly began to clear the rocks.

That’s when the passage was revealed.

With only the glow of Wil’s lamp to guide them, our heroes carefully moved down the rocky passage, with only the sounds of the heartbeats echoing off the walls. Almost completely blind, our humble Lee slipped and uncontrollably fell down the steep passage, taking the startled warlock with him.

They came to an abrupt stop, falling into each other, into a large open cavern cut in half by a 20 foot drop into what seemed like into the black. Only the faint silhouette of mushrooms could be detected all along the side of the cliff and below, thus preventing our heroes from climbing down.

But before they could even move, a shriek came from the shadows and, in blinding streaks of fire that lit the cave walls with dastardly shadows, bats descended upon them.

Our heroes immediately jumped into action defending themselves, and let their honed instincts take over. Our humble monk, Lee, leapt at one of the beast and immediately started striking at one of the fiends from hell. But even as Bjorn granted him speed and cunning to strike more, the hellish creature still managed to evade him.

Wil did not hesitate to strike at the fiery spawns from hell with his mighty sword, drawing the ichor from their veins.

Heightened by the scent of blood, Kyfen lays a psychic trap on the mind of the bat, twisting and bending the mind of the creature causing it to shriek in pain.

One by one the bats fell and, in fear, two of the bats tried to retreat. Our heroes would not allow for filth like that to remain. So feeling renewed by the warlock, Wil lept courageously from the cliff in a single bound.

He landed with such a force that the mysterious mushrooms burst and let loose a cloud of spores the engulfed him. A normal man would have died instantly, a lesser man would have fallen to his knees, but the fortuitous Wil did not allow it to phase him.

Bursting forth from his poisonous concealment, the paladin did not allow the hellish bat escape the wrath of his blade. Aided by the resourceful monk, who threw stones with great precision, the bat became confused and flew erratically to escape.


Sweet post! Man that Wil guy sounds freaking awesome! What a lucky party.

Our Story Begins...

Man, I wish we could have played Wed. Nice post, we should all take turns each week.

Our Story Begins...

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