Campaign of Doooooooom

Hired then Fired

OK, so we lost Will to the great beyond. Kyfen incinerated the body as is the tiefling custom. After which the group checked the adjacent rooms and found two Shadarkai sages who spilled the beans on Sarshan’s research into ultimate weapon creation. R’yac and Kyfen let the the pair leave-as they weren’t going to kill unarmed combatants.

The group then took the “elevator” up to the next floor where we fought a giant beetle and swarms of smaller beetles which was fairly difficult. Lee took a beating-like a one legged step child-but managed not to die. In the room there was a statue which turned out to be a war forged sword mage (we think) named Hunga Munga. R’yac activated him from his slumber and the tin man went to work on the beetle swarms.

We polished off the insects (Thrull was awesome) but were quickly surrounded by enemy Shadarkai and lo and behold, Sarshan himself-who was actually the old dude we talked to at the Happy Beggar! Sarshan was pissed that we killed some of his crew but managed to overlooked that irritation as we had successfully spoiled Mordra’s plot to sabotage the foundry. Also, he believed we had killed Mordra-bonus for us as we had only nicked him really.

Having a good eye for talent and mayhem, Sarshan offered us a position in his cadre. Being highly outnumbered, beat up and generally tired, we gladly accepted. Plus we figured what better way to get a bead on the maniac’s plan for world destruction than from the inside! However the next morning a major explosion rocked the shadowfell and Sarshan quickly realized Mordra was not pushing up daisies as previously thought. The bad guys cleared out of the tower after Sarshan ordered his captain of the guard, Thanu, to execute us with his two pet panthers. We had other plans. Bye bye Thanu and the thunder cats. Kyfen then jerry rigged the activated portal so that the group could pass through just as the tower collapsed and the foundry blew sky high. We were back at the entry portal and left it there until next time.



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